Perfect Pregnancy Exercise For Moms

Easy Post Pregnancy Exercises for New Moms

Good Wishes! New Mom! After being pregnant for nine months, maximum moms are worried about how to get back to their normal body shape and how they can restart their standard workout routine.  

Reshape your body after having a baby sounds boring but actually, it’s not. The obstetrician suggests that starting regular exercise after six weeks of delivery can help you to maintain overall health and reduce the risk of postpartum depression.  

“The Rule of thumb is to hit back to the gym six weeks after giving birth to a baby”.

Wait a minute! Before stepping into any kind of exercise, up close with your doctor to make sure everything is running safe and ask them to design a diet and exercise roster for you.  

New moms are advised to never go for harder exercise soon after her delivery. Post-pregnancy is a critical situation; lots of changes have occurred in women’s body and it takes time to stable everything to its normal form.

Here are some easy post pregnancy workouts:

Maintain a Healthy Weight by Walk

1.   Walking

How walking can tone up your stomach? It seems effortless, but walking is the simplest way to get back your normal body shape. With ease, you can walk a couple of minutes to balance the belly fat.

Embark with a pumped-up power walk. Slowly and steadily you’ll do wonders for your inner and outer body. You get extra weight over your belly because you kept a baby inside your womb for nine months, so simple walk at the beginning will be beneficial for you.

Variation in walking is also considered as important; walking backwards and in the zig-zag pattern will keep your muscles balanced.

2.   Pelvic tilt

This is a very relaxing Post Pregnancy Exercise. As it relieves your back pain and gives strength to your abs. Start this move after one week of your vaginal delivery but if you had a C-section, wait for another 8 to 10 weeks.

How to perform it: Simply lie on your back with a pillow under your hips. Keep your knees bend and place another pillow between your knees. Back and arms should be straight and palms touching the floor. Inhale and pull your buttocks forward, tilt your pelvis and rotate your pubic bone upward and then hold for a three count and last exhale.   

3.   Head and shoulder lifts

Head lift: Lie straight and relax against floor and arms straight from the shoulder line. Bend the knees and keep the feet straight. Inhale and keep the belly relax. Then exhale when start lifting your head and neck off the floor and again inhale as you move the head back towards the floor.  

Shoulder lift: If you feel good after a few head lifts, go with shoulder lift. Do shoulder lift the same way as you did head lift. Inhale and belly relax then exhale when head and shoulder lift off the floor and if you feel any strain over the neck, fold both hands behind a neck but don’t pull on your neck. Again inhale when head and shoulder landed back.

4.   Towel pulse

Lie straight on your back, knees bend and a towel across your upper shins. Pull the towel ends and squeeze thighs. Inhale while pulling the towel and when you draw abs in and lift the shoulder. Hold and release. Do this move 1-4 for at least two weeks.

5.   Rolling plank

Start with forearm plank with elbow beneath shoulders, hands in fists and feet together and inhale and exhale. Hold for 10 seconds. Rotate to right and do side plank with hips lifted. Hold for 10 seconds. Rotate to center, then instantly rotate to left, a side plank again with hips lifted. Hold for 10 seconds.  

Post pregnancy exercises have the following benefits:

  • Strengthen and tone abdominal muscles
  • Boost up the energy level
  • Prevent postpartum depression
  • Improve your mood
  • Heal up your aches and pains

Every woman experiences different changes in her body after giving birth to a baby. Before engaging in any exercise, if you consult your doctor, it will be good for you. During and after a workout session, if you feel heavy bleeding, headache, swelling and any unusual symptoms, immediately stop doing exercise and visit your doctor.

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