Simple Diet Plan To Weight Lose
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5 Days Nutrition Rich Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Obesity people are always in the search of better Weight Loss Meal Plan. But they forget to count nutrition-rich meal in their diet plan.

Rotate your eyes on a plan called 5 Days Nutrition for Weight Loss.

Day 1


A day should be started with healthy breakfast whether you want to loss the weight or in the mood to gain the weight.

Healthy Diet Meal Plan for Weight Lose
  • Oatmeal with fresh fruits without any sugar:

Fresh fruits mean healthy Weight Loss Diet but when fresh fruits are lacking in the winter, turn to frozen fruits to range up your breakfast meal. Instead of a dried bowl of cereal, try to have a hot whole-grain cereal and frozen fruits. This simple turn in your diet plan will make the body healthier and capable of easy weight loss. Additionally, dried cereal has high staying power and you can stay for longer hours without any kind of snacks. 

Moreover, if you love morning tea or coffee while reading a newspaper then go ahead but with a slight change and that is a no sugar.

Before lunch, if you feel hungry then get a mid-morning snack in a little quantity without salt salsa over your snacks.


For weight loss, say no to oil. Have a tofu salad at lunch time.

  • Tofu salad

Almonds are good for a slim fit body. A study says who ate 1.5 ounces of almonds a day for at least six weeks can easily reduced belly fat.

Toss soy sauce, almond butter and garlic with tofu and snow peas. Then top it with sesame seeds and at last, served with crispbread crackers.

Mid-afternoon snacks like no sugar yoghurt with your choice of berries and have it only if you feel hungry.


Dinner should be light and early before going to bed.

  • Salad

Have a fresh-cut salad in your plate and visit your nearby farmer to recognize what’s new they have in the field.

Day 2


Healthy Way to Kick Start Your Day
  • White egg omelette

Have a white egg omelette stuffed with grilled vegetables like onions, mushrooms and all the other healthy but light veggies.

Same as mentioned in day 1 diet if you love tea and coffee then have a cup of tea and coffee without adding any sugar contents in it.

Mid-morning snacks

Fruits are always good to have whenever you feel hungry. Take a bowl of grapes to fill up your empty tummy with healthy ingredients.

During your snack time, you might consume lots of snacks but that’s never been in calories enrich that usually has high-fat elements.


An avocado a day keeps the doctor away. Combine it with lemon juice. Add onion, Stack tomato, lettuce and avocado and spread on open bread for an open sandwich. 

Have pear and popcorn – air-popped or fat-free microwave for mid-afternoon snacks.


Steamed fresh vegetables to make your dinner healthy and fill up your hunger after a long and hectic schedule.

Day 3


Healthy Eating and Balanced Diet Tips
  • Again hot whole-grain cereal with blueberries

There is a list of whole-grain hot cereals such as oatmeal, cracked heat and made it with 1 cup of non-fat milk or add frozen blueberries.

  • Tea and coffee

If required, get a cup of coffee and tea with non-fat milk.

Midmorning snack

  • Apple slices with peanut butter
  • Cottage cheese with flax seeds and cinnamon


  • Fiesta salad

Make it with ingredients like Taco seasoning, shredded romaine lettuce, black beans, diced tomatoes, cotija cheese and yellow corn.

Mid-afternoon snacks

Spicy chicken salad is perfect for evening snacks if you feel hungry and want something delicious.


  • Chicken with curry tomatoes
  • Mix it with brown rice against your hunger

Day 4

Diet Tips to Manage Health Conditions


  • 1 bowl fresh fruits
  • No sugar yoghurt
  • No sugar added in tea or coffee


  • Salmon Cucumber Boats


  • Soba Noodles With Spicy Cucumbers

Before lunch or dinner if you want to have something then go with fruit smoothies.

Day 5

Stick to a Healthy Diet  Plan


  • Orange-vanilla oatmeal
  • Tea and coffee – no sugar


  • Egg salad sandwich

Stuff egg sandwich with mustard, cheese, chopped scallion, raw spinach and add lemon juice.


  • Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing
  • Curried Quinoa and Tofu

Maintain your body and make it fit for any style.


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