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    10 Great Back Pain Rehab Exercises You Should Try

    The medically proven statement; exercises improve blood flow in a body especially, lower back area. Back pain is a very common problem in maximum people at some point in their life. Stretches and exercise are the kind of effective dose to the body. And these are the best treating practices to get you relief from back pain. As you move further in this article, you will learn some of the best lower back exercises.  1.   Abdominal strengthening Strengthening muscles will provide a great support system to lower back. With this action, some people may hurt their back so here we have mentioned the best way to perform this exercise, lie…

  • Basic Rehab Exercises for Shoulder Pain

    Effective Rehab Exercises for shoulder pain

    A word ‘surgery’ is a little scary and everyone afraid to go through. After surgery, the specialist always advises strengthening exercises for a few weeks to cure the wound as soon as possible. And shoulder injury exercises can heal maximum problems.      Generally, if you are suffering from any kind of shoulder pain make your habit to perform rehab exercises every day. To ensure that this exercise is safe and effective for you, do it under the supervision of your physical therapist. Visit your doctor’s clinic and talk one-on-one about which exercises will be best for your body. Shoulder physical therapy to get rid of the pain Shoulder pain is very…