• pregnancy yoga - mainstay pregnancy period
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    Pregnancy Yoga: The Mainstay of Pregnancy Period

    From physical to mental stability; pregnancy yoga is a key ingredient to make you healthier. Even if it is a few minute practices that makes you prepare for easy delivery. During pregnancy, a body goes through so many changes but what specifically parental yoga can do to make you happier and stay relaxed through a nine months journey? Go through this post and read out the significant facts of yoga for pregnant women. Labor pain is unpredictable and can be attacked at any moment. Making you ready for such a situation is a job of yoga. Pregnancy yoga with benefits: · Increase body flexibility, strength, and endurance · Minimize the…

  • Perfect Pregnancy Exercise For Moms

    Easy Post Pregnancy Exercises for New Moms

    Good Wishes! New Mom! After being pregnant for nine months, maximum moms are worried about how to get back to their normal body shape and how they can restart their standard workout routine.   Reshape your body after having a baby sounds boring but actually, it’s not. The obstetrician suggests that starting regular exercise after six weeks of delivery can help you to maintain overall health and reduce the risk of postpartum depression.   “The Rule of thumb is to hit back to the gym six weeks after giving birth to a baby”. Wait a minute! Before stepping into any kind of exercise, up close with your doctor to make…

  • Simple Diet Plan To Weight Lose
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    5 Days Nutrition Rich Meal Plan for Weight Loss

    Obesity people are always in the search of better Weight Loss Meal Plan. But they forget to count nutrition-rich meal in their diet plan. Rotate your eyes on a plan called 5 Days Nutrition for Weight Loss. Day 1 Breakfast A day should be started with healthy breakfast whether you want to loss the weight or in the mood to gain the weight. Oatmeal with fresh fruits without any sugar: Fresh fruits mean healthy Weight Loss Diet but when fresh fruits are lacking in the winter, turn to frozen fruits to range up your breakfast meal. Instead of a dried bowl of cereal, try to have a hot whole-grain cereal…