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10 Great Back Pain Rehab Exercises You Should Try

The medically proven statement; exercises improve blood flow in a body especially, lower back area.

Back pain is a very common problem in maximum people at some point in their life. Stretches and exercise are the kind of effective dose to the body. And these are the best treating practices to get you relief from back pain.

As you move further in this article, you will learn some of the best lower back exercises. 

abdominal strengthening exercise

1.   Abdominal strengthening

Strengthening muscles will provide a great support system to lower back. With this action, some people may hurt their back so here we have mentioned the best way to perform this exercise, lie back, use a small cushion under your head and fold your knees. 

The feet must be at some distance from the hip but placed on the floor. Keep your body relaxed and chin slightly inwards. Breathe in, hold for 5 seconds and unleash. Repeat this 15 to 20 times.

bridge exercise for pain rehab

2.   Bridge

The bridge is one of the productive Rehab Exercises for lower back pain. The gluteus maximus is an important muscle to keep you standing. When it stays strong, automatically you will feel relaxed from back pain. Here are some tips to perform it.

  • Lie straight on the floor
  • Bend your knees, place arms aside and take buttocks off the ground
  • Squeeze buttocks by placing shoulders on the floor
  • Back to the ground and rest for another second and then again repeat
leg stretching exercises for pain rehab

3. Leg stretch

Leg stretch is a Back rehab exerciseGenerally, it is listed for hamstring muscles. A great stretch you can experience on this muscle. Simply, lie back, bend both knees and further raise one leg upwards. Use a towel and pull it back from both sides by placing it in the middle of your raised foot. You will feel stress about hamstring muscles. Take the leg back to a normal place. Don’t repeat it more than 15 to 20 times.

sideways bending for pain rehab

4. Sideways bending

Another exercise is executed as sideways bending. Raise your one arm upward and bend the whole body to the opposite side. Stretch arm as much as you can and back to the original form. Repeat the same formula with another arm.

ball crunch exercises

5.   Ball crunches

Lay back on a ball and feet on the ground. Uplift your head, shoulders along with your abs, and stay in this position for a couple of seconds. Then fall back to the actual shape.

Carry on ball crunches for at least 15 to 20 times. Never try to stretch your body upwards to a greater extent.

bicycle crunch exercise

6.   Bicycle

It should be started at a slower pace. Lay on your back, both hands at the back of your head, lift head & shoulder upward direction. Next, uplift your legs and move them as you are pedaling a bicycle. During this, one elbow comes opposite to the knee.

Avoid practicing it with great speed.

planks for core strength

7.   Planks

If you talk about Strengthening exercises for lower back pain, planks will justify it with your body. It can function without any equipment. Lay as face down, push your body upwards and balance the whole body on elbows.

Without stretching your back, breathe in and out. Repeat it without losing balance.

reverse lunge exercise

8.   Reverse lunge

Firstly, stand straight, put your hands on the waist then take one foot at back and develop a position that makes a right-angle triangle. The same step is carried for another leg. Keep the shoulders straight on your hips.

rotational stretch exercise

9.   Rotational stretches

It is clear from a word rotational. Lie back and extend your arms by keeping shoulders completely on the floor. Bend knees and take folded knees on one side, stay for 5 to 10 seconds then rotate folded knees in the opposite direction.

Keep doing it for 20 to 25 times as it’s quite easy to continue.

cat stretch exercise for pain rehab

10. Cat stretches

To maintain the stronger muscles, try cat stretches.

Start this by posing as hands and knees on the ground and keep hips upward at some distance from knees. Push head downwards, pull belly button towards the spine. Relax and allow the body to land on the floor.

Again repeat it for 3 to 5 minutes.

Caution: If any of the above exercises extend the volume of back pain, immediately stop doing them and consult your doctor.


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