Fitness tips for elders

How to Get Fit After Fifty

As you approach your fifties, you might come up with a common set of questions concerning the level of your fitness.

Questions like,

Is the aging synonym to a descending state of health?

Is it time to sign-up for a passive living with minimal activity and movement?

And similar kinds, where your mind would trick you into believing that it’s the process of growing old that is leaving you inactive.

Where in reality, it’s because of the inactive lifestyle that could squeeze the Elixir-of-Life from you!

But most peoples’ health goals after fifty are to be both “physically and mentally independent” rather than fit into a certain jean size.
Senior people must try to make resistance training a crucial part of a complete exercise program that helps to get fit after 50.

Find an Exercise you Love Doing

Having it from world-class health experts, we can conclude that apart from building great muscular strength, an exercise routine can help you bounce back from diseases like diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis and so on.

Studies also suggest that a person should have at least 150 minutes of exercise a week if he wishes to reap its complete benefits.

So now, if you wonder how to make exercise a daily part of your routine while doing the regular household chores, here are some interesting ways!

  1. Climbing and walking down the stairs is one way to escape the gym while having a little work-out session at your home itself.
  2. You can always take your dog for a walk if going alone doesn’t seem to be a great idea.

  3. Mowing your lawn can be another example of moderate exercise where you can kill the two birds with one stone.

  4. Commit to your favourite sport. It would do the trick without you having to take the mental load of daily exercise.
  5. Cleaning your car or even mopping your floor are the few instances from your household chores that offer you the advantage of moderate exercising.

  6. Dance to your favourite tune if you wish to get a flavour of the exercise without having to get into the regular exercising tricks.

Just in case, you have been a fitness freak all the while and want to reverse your perception of aging with attaining a much healthier version of you with a full-scale exercise routine, here are some quick exercises or say, physical activities that you can indulge yourself to get the innumerable health benefits in return.

Brisk Walk

Multi-ethnic women exercising in the park, power walking. Focus on Senior woman (60s) in foreground.

Walking is a great form of exercise. A brisk walk might appear simpler from the outside but it makes sure to bring your every part of your body into action.

From rhythmic breathing to strengthening the muscles of arms and legs, it ensures a great work-out for the people falling in all age-groups.

For those, who want to maintain a little distance from the aggressive form of exercise that might get them muscle injuries or strain, can opt for a safer form of workout that comes from a simple yet enthusiastic brisk walk.


If you require a slightly intense version of exercising, you can opt for jogging, where you can ace-up your heart rate and beat your calorie count. Having a moderate run with the sports shoes on, you can assure that a jog would do good for your heart, weight and muscular strength at once.


Stretching comes as the best resort when you need a work-out to increase your flexibility. From the simple arms stretching to complex body stretching movements, you can make sure that depending upon your particular needs and comfort, you can aim for specific postures and can workout at your pace to bring your body alignment at its best.


Building great stamina is something that cycling aims at. From increasing the cardiovascular strength to improved joint mobility, cycling gives some of the best workout benefits to an individual. Adjusting the pace according to your comfort, if you are able to take it up as a daily exercise, then you are sure to lead by an example of a fitness junkie.


Yoga for seniors and elderly people

If you are looking for a resort that can put both your mind and body to exercise then nothing goes better than yoga.

Performing mindful postures and asanas can get you the glory of a healthy body and sound mind at once. It works to improve body alignment while increasing your overall strength and endurance.

Take Away

Exercise is not a way of exerting or exhausting the energy, it’s a way of enhancing the quality of life. It’s in fact, a great way of building a good relationship with your own body.

And when it comes to the latter years of life, it becomes that good companion of yours that can land you in the comforts of health, happiness and good mood with little sessions of work-out. It doubles the joy by multiplying the health benefits making sure that you add life to years and not years to life!

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