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How Long Should a Beginner Workout at the GYM?

After the completion of the lockdown period, the Gyms once again have opened with their fitness regime and the gym freaks can be seen doing their workout with new enthusiasm. Some new beginners have also taken the initiative to join this fitness regime. So whether you are going for the first time or you are starting again after a long gap, the difficulty level will be the same for you.

All you need is a good motivation to start over again or start from the beginning to achieve your own personal fitness targets. But many beginners often start with heavy workouts to gain quick benefits from their workout which is not right.

Then how long should a beginner workout at the gym achieve his fitness target? This question often arises but no one has a proper answer to this. Different human bodies lose or gain weight differently irrespective of their same workout plan. But it is strictly advised to the beginners that don’t immediately go for the heavy workout sessions as their body is not habitual as of now.

Instead, we have come up with some workout plans that all beginners can follow whether you are a fresher or a re-starter.

Start with some Warm Up Movements

First, you need to start with some warm-up movements as your body is not habitual right now. For making your body habitual of this, you need to begin with some light warm-up routines. Let’s follow these:

Start with rolling your head with slow moves. Here you need to make half circles with your head starting from one shoulder till another. Complete five sets of half circles in each direction.

rolling your head with slow moves

Now start with your shoulders. Here you need to move your shoulders very slowly firstly in the forward direction then to the backward. Complete ten sets of these shoulder movements in each direction.

After the shoulders routine, let’s move to the hip movements. Here you need to stand straight and keep your legs fixed to the ground. Now slowly start moving your belly first left then right without moving your legs. This means you need to twist your hip area while standing in a fixed position. So, complete the ten sets of this twist on each side.

Now move to the quad stretch exercise which will be a little hard for beginners. Here first you need to stand on one leg. Let’s begin with the right. If you are not able to stand steady on your one leg then you can stand in front of the wall or use a chair. Now hold your left feet with your left hand and stretch it towards your butt and continue standing in this position for at least ten to fifteen seconds in the beginning. Now complete five sets with each side in rotation.

After completing this, now again move to your shoulders. Here you need to place one arm straight across your chest then hold your arm with another as shown in the given picture and keep holding this position for at least fifteen seconds. Repeat the five sets of this stretching with each shoulder.

stretching each shoulder

These basic stretching exercises will be very influential for your body as a beginner as these exercise routines will make your body habitual for your gym workout sessions. 

The Cardio Machines WorkoutSession

Now you completed the first stage of the gym workout, so you are ready for some heavy sessions which you can start with the Cardio Machines.

When you enter a gym, you can see various cardio machines that can be used for your fitness goal. Here you can start with a stationary bike which will help you in losing your weight. Try to spend at least 30 minutes on this machine. After doing a session of 30 minutes on this stationary bike, you will be able to burn approximately 300 to 500 calories which will be completely based on your workout intensity. You can even have the pleasure of this workout at your own home. For this, you need to click on the given link, and the cardio gym stationary bike will be available at your doorstep which you can use as per your own schedule even without entering into the gym.

Cardio Machines Workout Session

Now the question is how long and how frequent should a beginner workout at the gym? The answer is straight to this question that is two to three times a week and the days should be alternate like either it’s Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or it could be Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The reason is quite obvious. When you start to work out in a gym then you may also do some heavy weight lifting sessions with your trainer. Now there is a science that says your muscles are actually torn when you do these kinds of heavy sessions. These torn muscles get fixed on their own approximately in between the period of twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours. Hence, it is better advised to go for heavy workout sessions with a good break of at least one day.


Fruits just can’t grow in a day so as with your fitness goal. You cannot achieve fitness in a single day or month especially when you are a beginner. But you can follow a correct pattern for your gym workout sessions so that you can efficiently achieve your goal of body strength building as well as weight loss.

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