Best Senior Exercise and Fitness Tips
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What Everyone Must Know About Senior Exercise and Fitness Tips

Age is never a barrier to get start on your exercise routine! It’s never too late and early, in fact, it plays a crucial role in the life of seniors. With this post, get to know the best exercise for seniors.

The Ideal Exercise Benfits for Seniors

What are the Benefits of Exercise when you are a Senior?

Maintain body weight

While turning to older age, metabolism slows down. And maintaining body weight at an older age is a big challenge. Routine exercise helps to increase metabolism and make muscles stronger and fit. It burns extra calories from your body.

Energetic feel

It gives you a chance to feel energetic throughout the day. Exercise makes you feel good and active. In fact, it gives you more energy so that you can actively participate in all outdoor activities.

Increase flexibility

Exercises enhance flexibility and balance your body. Flexibility improves your body posture and reduces the risk of weakness and fainting.

Fight off depression

You can call exercise a stress reliever activity that you can adopt at any age. It can improve your mood and remove depression.

Reduces the risk of several health problems

Many of you might have heard that seniors are more prone to health issues. This is just because they are not spending adequate time on exercise. But if they start sparing some time for exercise, surely their body will be able to fight against diseases like diabetes, heart attack, and blood pressure.  

Every individual must accept exercise as an important part of their lifestyle. The problem of chronic illness can be improved with exercise. In case, you feel any pain or are not sure which physical exercise is good for your body, visit your doctor’s clinic.   

Improve Your Health with Regular Activity

How to Start Exercising to Improve Health?

Here is a list of exercises you should perform to build a healthy body by doing it in the right way.

Walking: Normal walk or early morning walk brings a lot of changes in your physical body. Previously, walking was the only alternative to make your body fit and healthier because when there were not many transportation resources, people used to walk from one place to another, and they succeed to maintain their body structure. There is a complete list that helps you to identify what are the benefits of walking.

·        Lower blood sugar problem

·        Reduces pain

·        Improves heart problems

·        Enhances mental stability

·        Lose overweight problem

Body Weight exercises: Under the true guidelines of an experienced instructor, you should do body weight exercises. Include push-ups and sits ups in your daily workout session. It strengthens your body and makes muscles stronger. Weight lifting is also good for seniors.

Balance exercise: Instead of pushing your body towards hard exercises, balance exercise is perfect for seniors.

Here are some best Exercises for Seniors

  • Toe the line
  • Single limb stance with arm
  • Flamingo stand
  • Side leg raises
  • Clock reach

According to specialists, seniors of age 65 years and above must perform aerobic exercise for 2.5 hours every week. And spend around 1 hour and 15 minutes on vigorous exercise every week. Improve your daily activities to balance your body. Check out the following points to improve your strength:

  • Take your dog on a walk
  • Use stairs instead of lifts
  • Park your vehicle away from your home and walk a few miles to reach home
  • If possible try to walk instead of using a vehicle
  • Try to use a bicycle over a car or scooter
General Safety Tips for Getting Started With Exercise

What are the safety tips?

  1. At the very first stage, consult your doctor before turning to any exercise. If you have chest pain, recent surgery, an infection, and joint swelling then you should take advice from your doctor on what to do or not.
  • Always wear comfortable clothes and shoes while going for a walk and doing other exercises. Don’t wear fancy shoes, it’s better to get sports shoes.
  • Start slowly if you recently begin any physical exercise
  • If you have viral wait till it recovers.

Slowly and steadily you can reach your goal.

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