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10 Chest Workouts For Men Without Weights | Fitness Freak

Many men believe that investing long hours in the gym and using equipment can help you build a muscular physique. But in fact, it is nothing than a big myth. The truth is there are many exercises that you can do in your home and build a sexy physique. 

If you want to know, then read this article till the end, and you will end with the best results you need. Well, remember one thing you can’t observe results overnight. But, with a frequent dedication to your exercises, you can start observing results. 

The first phase will increase your endurance; the second phase will start building your upper muscles, and the third will give explosion in muscles and speed up your muscles size.  

So, you see, building muscles is not stiff in the home if you know the proper technique to do it. So, without further ado, let’s know the chest workouts for men without weights.

How to start the workout?

You want to build a chest at home, so your workout plan should be precise and easy to follow up. Thus, starting the first three days of chest exercise should be light a week for a fortnight. You must take rest of at least one day in a week, as it reduces soreness. Also, resting 2-3 minutes during the workout can help you involve more in the exercise. 

Your aim should be to do 10-15 reps of every exercise, but if it is beyond your limits, then stop it. Once you have completed your two weeks with the given exercises, add the next three exercises and perform them with variations. Again set the same goals, and you will start to see the results.

Once you have completed with 4 weeks of training, move to our next exercises and perform the variations. This will eventually start building your muscles, increase your performance, and support your core strength to carry on. 

Thus, with dedication, you can achieve the more muscular physique that you want to have. Of course, feel free to add the given exercises if you are ready to begin. However, if you want to incorporate more, then go ahead. 

10 Effective Chest Workouts for Men without Weights:

  • Wide Press Up

You have probably done this before, either by accident or on purpose. Simply complete a conventional press-up with your hands wider than shoulder-width apart to accomplish the goal. 

  • Diamond Press-up

Make a press-up with your hands by closing it together so that the tips of your thumbs and index fingers touch. Maintain the tucked-in position with the help of elbows as your lower.

  •  Alternating Shuffle Press-up

Begin with a traditional press-up position. Now, move on your right hand to the left until your two hands are close. Then slide your left-hand even more to the left until your hands are shoulder-width apart. Now, perform the press-up and repeat moving to the right. 

  • One-arm press-up

Put your right hand on the floor and leftover the box. Then switch both arms and repeat it quickly. 

  •  Cross-over Elevated Press-up

With your left hand on the box, do a one-arm press-up. First, raise your right hand to your left side from the starting position. Then with your hands shoulder-width apart, lower your left hand to the floor. Perform the press-up, and that’s one rep. 

  • Elevated Diamond Press-up

It is similar to a press-up, but here you need to perform the set with both hands on the box. That’s all!

  •  Dynamic Press-up

In the dynamic press-up position, you need to use your hands on the box. Lower down your body and explode off the box, landing on the floor with the box between your hands. Keep an eye on the chin. Lower your body immediately, and explode up, bringing your hands back to the starting position on the box. That’s a rep. 

  • Spider-Man Press-up

Take normal press-up position. Lower your body towards the floor and bring your right knee to the right elbow by keeping off from the ground. Next, press back and return your leg to the starting position. Repeat the same on the alternate leg. 

  •  Incline Press-up

Take a bench or chair or box; spread your hands somewhat wider than shoulder apart. Next, bend your arms and lower your body until your chest reaches the bench with your feet placed on the floor. Finally, return to the beginning posture by pushing your body up. 

  •  Decline Press-up

With the help of a bench or table, you can perform the decline press-up. First, place your feet over the bench by placing your hands on the floor. Next, lower down your body and push down your chest as it touches the ground then press back to reach the starting position by squeezing your chest. Take a few seconds pause to perform a rep.

Tips For Equipment-Free Workout

You can surely get the best you need by performing the aforementioned powerful no equipment needed chest workout options. However, considering the 3-radar chest training tips can help you have outstanding results. 

So, let’s find out! 

  1. Pull back your shoulders, open your chest- it’s pretty simple but actually give you a lot of improvement. 
  2. Try multiple benches angles – adding incline and upper pecs open the opportunity for muscles to grow. 
  3. Follow dedicated bench program – Plan various bench exercises in your workout as it helps to get a bigger chest.

The Bottom Line

Building size and strength in chest muscles is a key component in every routine. There are many chest workouts for men without weights out there, but the above can perform superbly and offer you the best results you need. 

However, staying motivated for your goals is the biggest challenge. So, believe in yourself, and you will indeed change the game. Good Luck!

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