Tracking Your Baby’s Growth: Monthly Milestone For Baby Development


Baby milestones are skills that babies learn during their first year of life. Babies begin giggling, mumbling, imitating speech, and saying their first words during the first year. They interact with their mothers by smiling, laughing, and interacting. Rolling over, sitting without help, crawling, standing, and possibly walking are all movement milestones. All babies develop at different rates, and variations are to be expected. However, keeping track of your baby’s milestones month by month can help ensure that their development is on track. In this article, we will be explaining monthly milestones for baby development.

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But before that let us understand what baby milestones are.

What are Baby Milestones?  

The skills you can anticipate your child acquiring during the first year of life are known as baby milestones. Keeping an eye out for developmental milestones can help you and your child’s pediatrician make sure that your child is developing normally.

Babies learn and develop at an astounding rate in their first year. Speaking “mama” or “dada” to sitting up, crawling, and perhaps even taking those historic first steps are just a few of the exciting developmental milestones that will occur during these 12 months. Although every child develops at a different rate, most babies follow a standard milestone timeline.

Now, let’s see the baby’s development milestone chart.

1-Month Baby Developmental Milestones   

The baby’s senses are still developing, and they will be used to test them out to help him or her understand this unfamiliar world.

A baby milestone this month:

  • Observes faces
  • Recognizes your voice when it is heard
  • Brings hands close enough to their mouth and eyes
  • Sees black-and-white patterns

2-Month Baby Developmental Milestones    

The baby begins to understand the importance of interaction and reduces his daytime naps to stay awake and socialize. 

A baby milestone this month:

  • Begins to coo
  • Makes a head turn  in the direction of sounds
  • Begins to look at a parent’s face
  • Begins to smile a others
  • Smoother arms and legs movements 

3-Month Baby Development Milestones   


How quickly time passes- the baby is no longer a newborn. Baby’s emotional skills are maturing. They may begin to use different cries to express their emotions and may begin to enjoy playing with other people.

Baby mIlestone this month:

  • Recognize your face among others
  • Begins to cry out for various things, such as hunger, a diaper change, pain, etc.
  • Stretches and contracts their hands
  • Swipes across hanging objects
  • Uses their eyes to follow moving objects.
  • Likes to play with other people (and may cry when the playing stops)

4-Month Baby Development Milestones  

Babies are becoming more active and eager to see their surroundings. During tummy time,  you might hear the baby’s lovable giggle at this age or see them attempt to stand up.

A baby milestone this month:

  • Begins to laugh
  • Copies the expressions on faces
  • Raises their hands without help
  • Kicks when put on back
  • May start to roll from the stomach to the back

5-Month Baby Development Milestones  

Although the skills the baby is developing now may seem insignificant, they serve as the foundation for larger skills that will emerge later on the baby’s milestone chart. 

Baby milestones this month:

  • Enjoys playing games
  • Begins to pick and move things with their hands
  • May begin to recognize different colors
  • Mab be able to sit with the help of pillows

6-Month Baby Development Milestones  

At 6 months old, the baby might be prepared to start achieving some major development milestones, like mobility! However, there is no cause for concern even if they don’t start to creep up for another six months.

Baby milestones this month:

  • Seeks out desired toys
  • Begins to understand simple words
  • Loves to see themselves in the mirror
  • Puts toys into their mouth to explore them
  • Rolls from the stomach to the back

7-Month Baby Development Milestones  

At this age, the baby starts to understand surrounding things. The baby starts to throw objects on the floor which represents an encouraging hint of the baby’s curiosity.

Baby milestones this month:

  • Loves dropping objects on the floor
  • Easily finds hidden things
  • Starts to imitate others’ gestures
  • Begins to understand different sounds
  • Lifts larger objects

8-Month Baby Development Milestones  

You may be paying close attention to your baby’s growing mobility at this age, especially if you’re babyproofing to keep your curious child safe. Parents might concentrate more intently on one area of a child’s development, like their ability to walk or crawl at the right time. Because some infants skip right over crawling and begin walking instead, this is especially crucial.

Baby milestones this month:

  • Begins to crawl
  • May try to stand
  • Easily moves objects with hands
  • Might develop an attachment to a special toy
  • Starts babbling

9-Month Baby Development Milestones  

Your baby may start to experiment with different tones and sounds as they get closer to one of the most important baby developmental milestones-talking.

Baby milestones this month:

  • Starts clapping their hands
  • May start to speak simple words like ‘mamma’, ‘baba’
  • Can be able to sit without support
  • Might be scared of strangers

10-Month Baby Development Milestones  

If you’re in a playgroup, you may notice a wide range of abilities emerge at this age—many babies may still be crawling, but some may be cruising and a few brave souls may be about to take their first steps. And they’re all on the right track.

Baby milestones this month:

  • Starts to form a fine motor skill 
  • Because of improved hand-eye coordination, babies begin feeding themselves finger foods.
  • Separation anxiety develops

11-Month Baby Development Milestones  

When your baby is 11 months old, then you can see the following expected physical, verbal, and social milestones.

  • Climbs the stairs (while supervised)
  • Makes sounds by changing the tone (sounds more like speech)

12-Month Baby Development Milestones  

Congratulations! The Baby has officially reached toddler years.

Baby milestones this month:

  • Uses simple gestures such as shaking their head “no” or waving “bye-bye.”
  • Starts responding to “no”
  • Says “mama” and “dada,” and exclaims “uh-oh!”
  • Starts using things correctly, such as drinking from a cup or brushing their hair
  • Can pick up objects (such as small bits of food) between thumb and forefinger
  • Pulls up and may be able to stand alone.
  • begins cruising (shuffling along while holding onto furniture)

Final Words  

That’s it! This is all about monthly milestones for baby development. Always keep in mind that every baby is unique and reaches milestones at different speeds. Some babies will complete tasks sooner while others will complete them later; both scenarios are typically acceptable.

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