7 Fitness Goals for Couples to Set This New Year

When was the last time you seriously completed a New Year resolution? Well, we all lack that discipline in our lives. But did you try something in a duet with someone close to you? It is a proven fact that when you do things with someone, you end up getting motivated to do it invariably. When one gets diverted, the other brings him on the track, and vice-versa.

What can be the best time to spend with your better half than working out together! Today people are too busy, making it quite hard to be together. But if you plan a workout session with your partner, you will get more time to spend together and maintain a healthy body at the same time. It’s like shooting two birds with one bullet. Amazing, isn’t it?

One of the best things about setting fitness goals for couples together is that they can correct each other where they go wrong with a genuine concern and wellbeing in the heart.  

In this article, we will discuss what fun workout sessions you can perform together, to achieve that fitness target that is being avoided for a long time.

How do your workout sessions bring you closer to your partner?

1. Consistency is the key to a healthy body

It’s time to take a pencil and a paper and write down your workout schedule and target if you cannot maintain a regular exercise regime throughout the year. That will help you avoid skipping your workout during the jam-packed days when it is next to impossible to take time out for exercising. Pre-planned workouts will save you from such irregularity.

With your partner by your side, you can achieve your target goals easily and the lazy days will convert into something active workout sessions. You can try different workouts with your partner to make it more fun and interesting.

2. Finally a push-up is on your way!

Push-ups are one of the best workouts to build upper body strength. They target your arms, chest, shoulders, and back. However, people often make mistakes while doing push-ups.

 That is when your partner acts as a trainer for you, who can guide you regarding maintaining a correct pose throughout your push-ups. You can also practice planks, incline push-ups, and push-ups from your knees with your partner to get 100% benefits from push-ups.

3. Pull-up has its perks!

Like push-ups, pull-ups require careful attention, which again needs assistance from someone to guide you into the perfect pose. It is a bit harder for women to achieve pull-ups, compared to men due to the lesser muscle mass. 

Ladies, it is time to let your man be your guiding light and a helping hand in getting your pull-ups to the point!

One of the best ways to help you successfully do your first pull-up like a pro includes planks, hollow holds, and inverted rows.

4. Get! Set! Go!

Racing is one of the best childhood memories that everyone might have experienced. It has always been a competitive and fun game when there are multiple participants. You can always bring down your partner for a few rounds of that racing ground.

You can create a progress chart where you can note down every day running miles and compare it to work on your speed and progress. It helps you stay motivated and gain confidence as you improve regularly.

5. It’s never too late to begin strength training!

strength training

Strength training has proven to be one of the most effective workouts that help you get stronger, strengthen your bones and muscles, and even decrease the risk of disease and many other benefits. 

The quality of strength training is that it does not demand any particular fitness level so you can start from scratch making it one of the most convenient workouts of all time.

You can pick your partner to get a hold of strength training exercises. There are many great strength training exercises like crunches that you can try with your partner by your side.

6. Deadlift has its bittersweet taste!

The deadlift is known for developing a posterior chain that helps you get stronger. However, before you lift any weight off the ground you must make sure to be careful to avoid any lower back injuries.

If you are a beginner at practicing Deadlift, then make sure you have someone by your side to help you maintain the correct posture.

Working on perfecting deadlift with your partner will cheer you up and do not let you give up by motivating you. That will boost your confidence and help you achieve your fitness goal. 

7. Handstand ain’t no rock climbing!

handtand exercise

Handstands have been a physically challenging workout that requires great core strength, strong upper body strength, and flexible shoulder mobility. You can identify your body strength capability by completing a handstand without any difficulty. 

It is a perfect workout pose to do with your partner. With the help of your partner, you can confidently stand on your hands inducing all your weight on your hands maintaining a posture like this. You both can challenge each other and motivate each other to achieve the desired handstand pose.

In the handstand, you are required to focus on your form as one wrong move can cause serious damage to your body, preventing further movement of that body part for a long time.

If you are practicing such a pose, you need to have somebody to take care of any urgent situation that can harm your health.

The long and short story is….

You can experiment a lot with the workouts with your partner and fulfill fitness goals for couples in an amazing manner. Many workouts require guidance and help from the other person. You will be more motivated and confident when your partner will be there to support your fitness goals and help you reach the desired fitness results.

You can also plan diet charts for each other, cook together and workout together. A couple who stays together, cooks together, exercises together. 

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