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Best Healthy Evening Drinks to Improve Sleep and Fitness

Is it late in the evening, and you are feeling thirsty? Do you want to learn ways to get a restful night of sleep and improve your physical health? healthy drinks to improve sleep and fitness is the way to go.

Let’s be honest; finding time to work out during the day can be difficult due to how busy our lives are. Whether busy at your job, cleaning up the house, or taking care of the kids, there are few windows available to dedicate your time to exercise. By the time you have finished all your responsibilities. The sun will likely have already set over the horizon, leaving little time to spend outdoors.

When you spend most of your day sitting in a chair or barely exerting yourself. The lack of exercise can cause you to gain weight and make it difficult to fall asleep. Unfortunately, it is hard to plan a workout at the end of the day, not just because it is too dark to safely go on a jog or head over to the park. It is because the evening is often when people prefer spending their time unwinding, resting, and relaxing after a hard day of work. 

Luckily, an entire day without doing exercises does not have to go to waste. There is a way you can improve your sleeping habits and keep yourself in shape during the evening. Including beverages & healthy drinks to improve sleep that taste good and offer nutritional value in your diet can be a simple pleasure that improves your overall fitness. 

  1. Water

Water may be an obvious choice since it is easily accessible at the store and our faucets at home. But at least with water, you can be guaranteed that it is not filled with excessive amounts of sugar or caffeine. Plus, you need water to prevent you from getting dehydrated. Whether doing sports, walking casually, or sleeping, any water you lose by sweating needs to be replenished. Being well-hydrated will prevent stomach cramps that prevent you from sleeping comfortably, plus drinking water will not cause you to consume extra calories. 

  • Warm Milk

A glass of warm milk not only has a pleasant taste, but it’s pleasantly warm temperature as you drink it may cause you to become drowsy and make it easier to fall asleep. This is because milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid that helps produce melatonin. A hormone released that helps contribute to restful sleep. Regardless of what kind of milk you choose, organic, soy, almond, etc., both lactose-intolerant and non-lactose-intolerant. Individuals can benefit from consuming warm milk before sleeping.

  • Coconut Water

Although coconut water has often been associated with a healthy alternative energy drink, it has ingredients that make it helpful with sleep and fitness. The magnesium and potassium help improve flexibility, loosen your muscles, and stores reserve energy for the following day. This is helpful if you work a job that requires sitting or standing in a single spot for several hours. Plus, the high concentration of Vitamin B helps to reduce stress which makes it easier to relax when trying to get comfortable on the bed.

  • Decaffeinated Green Tea

Though green tea normally includes caffeine, which would be counterproductive if you are trying to induce sleep, it is possible to find green teach packets without or with a reduced amount of caffeine. Decaffeinated green tea can help increase your metabolic rate and burn excess fat, though not at the same rate as an intense workout. It also includes an amino acid known as theanine that helps to reduce stress and promote better sleeping habits. 

  • Banana Smoothies

Bananas by themselves are a healthy fruit that improves fitness since they are full of carbohydrates and potassium that contribute to your athleticism when exercising and helps with muscle growth. If you are ever suffering from cravings, create a banana smoothie by mixing banana, butter, and milk to satiate your hunger. Aside from getting the added health benefits of milk, the extra magnesium between the banana and the milk will help relax your muscles. 

  • Chamomile Tea

If you suffer from insomnia or have difficulty getting a full night’s rest, then drinking chamomile tea before going to bed should help. Lacking in caffeine but mixed in with natural herbs, chamomile tea not only has a warm and pleasant feeling that encourages drowsiness but also includes healthy sedatives rather than pills in a medicine cabinet. It is possible to add other ingredients that help with muscle relaxation and reducing stress.

  • Tart Cherry Juice

Hidden underneath the sharp tangy flavor of tart cherry juice are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. It help reduce pain and improve muscle recovery. Though most useful in helping the body recover after a workout, this also is a natural remedy. If you have suffered a minor workplace injury. The high concentration of tryptophan in the drink helps produce a healthy amount of melatonin which helps improve your sleeping habits.

  • Hot Chocolate

Though it already does not come with caffeine, it is possible to make hot chocolate that contains less sugar. Thus preventing your brain and body from becoming hyperactive before going to bed. So long as you only limit yourself to at least two to three teaspoons. You can reduce the amount of fat you would have gained. You may be surprised that low amounts of cocoa can help reduce creatine kinase. Thus lessening muscle damage should they have been worked intensely.

  • Valerian Root Tea

Much like chamomile tea, valerian root tea is also filled with natural sedatives that can help you if wish to fix your sleeping habits or are struggling with insomnia. The root has medicinal properties, such as helping with digestion and relieving tension in the muscles. If you had a stressful day, then this tea will help curb any anxiety. You may be feeling which will make it easier to quiet your mind before sleeping.  Just be careful how often you consume this tea since high and frequent quantities could disrupt your sleeping schedule.

Carefully picking the kinds of healthy drinks to improve sleep to sate your thirst before you hit the bed can go a long way in promoting a healthier lifestyle. If you drink an appropriate amount of tea, milk, etc. Being careful not to drink too much to avoid having to go to the bathroom. Your body and brain chemistry will relax and repair themselves little by little over time. But remember that an evening drink diet is only a small part of staying fit; it is not a replacement fitness and workout strategy.

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