Best Korean teas

9 Best Korean Teas For Health Benefits

If I said there’s an energy drink with zero calories that tastes fantastic and is nutritious but you’d doubt my claims.

There is. Korean tea!

Korean teas are made of every herb, root and flower with a variety of delicious and unique flavours. After about a millennia of experimentation they finally cut it down to most delicious teas. Certain blood pressure lowering supplements improve immunity, and can help you shed weight as well.

Which ones are the most effective?

I’ll cover Korean tea brands based on the type of tea they prefer best. I’ll also mention the region most well-known for each type of tea.

Be prepared for some delicious top-quality, high-end and (sometimes) inexpensive Korean teas.

Fantastic news for people living within areas like the U.S.A., U.K., Canada and Australia, you can purchase these  too!

Here are the top Korean tea brands that I was raised drinking.

They are great when paired with a classic tea set.

Let’s get started!

1. The best Green Tea brand is O'sulloc and Nokchawon 

O’sulloc green tea is the perfect treat for yourself or loved ones. Enjoy a cup or two of O’sulloc’s green tea following a hot steamy bath for the ultimate spa experience. Make sure to visit their amazing tea experience when you’re in Jeju!

Nokchawon is a decent quality green tea at a low cost. O’sulloc may be one of the Lexus in teas, Nokchawon is Toyota.

If you’re uncertain about the name it is best to look up the origin of the tea. Korean green teas from Hadong (hadong), Boseong (boseong) or Jeju (jeju) regions are guaranteed to have a flavor that is above average!

2. Best Barley tea brand: Dong Suh & Woongjin

Dong Suh Foods Corporationis the traditional brand of the barley tea (borica or the bori cha)!

You can purchase Dong Suh barley tea bags at H-Mart and other Korean supermarkets within your area.

Barley tea is delicious when served cold in summer , and hot in winter, by simply infusing one of their tea bags. You need to check the best rum cocktails in case of nay night parties. 

Dong Suh is also known for its instant mix coffee, namely Maxim (maegsim). Maxim Mocha Gold is quite delicious and sweet. It’s not surprising that it’s a favorite among the elderly generation.

Woongjin (ungjin) sells ready-to-drink zero-calorie barley tea known as “Sky Barley Tea (haneulbori)” and is available from Kim’s Mart.

Barley is a type of barley that’s grown in Korea and there’s no specific area where it’s grown.

3. Best Honey Citron tea brand: BOKUMJARI & Danongwon

Citron tea (yujaca or Yuja Cha) is, of course, the best in the event that mom prepares it in the winter, after the harvest season has ended.

The best alternative choice is BOKUMJARI that is a social welfare organization specialising in jam and tea. It’s not just about the tasty tea, but you can also benefit people when you purchase it.

Danongwon offers delicious lemon tea sliced in addition. If you are a coffee person, check out details about Startbucks Hours and get the top benefits of it. 

If you are unable to locate these brands, you need to purchase citron tea from Goheung. Goheung (goheung) region.

4. Best Ssanghwa-cha & Mixed Grain tea brand: Damtuh

Ssanghwa-cha is fantastic! Perhaps I’ve got the taste buds of a grandmother but I’ve always loved the drink since I was young.

It’s a herbal/root tonic made up of the ingredients cinnamon, jujube, and more. Ssanghwa-cha is bitter tasting and sweet at the final.

Damtuh has been released in the US as well as its American subsidiary in Commerce, CA near Los Angeles.

This brand also has various grains like misutgaru (misusgaru) and yulmu-cha (yulmuca) which are fantastic substitutes for meals due to their nutty and sweet flavor!

5. Best Corn Silk tea brand: Kwangdong

Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical sells health supplements, drugs and drinks.

The company also makes my personal favorite Cornsilk Tea Drinkthat is low in calories with an apricot-like, clean flavor!

If you’re thirsty, Oriental Raisin Tea (heosgaeca) can help you get back up. If you’re looking to leave a great impression on an Ajeossi, the $1 drink is the perfect choice. They’re always thrilled to get one.

6. Best Red Ginseng tea brand: CheongKwanJang 

In the case of red Ginseng, CheongKwanJang is THE brand in Korea. They carry every kind of Red Ginseng extract powder, beverage and extract that you can think of.

There are massive CheongKwanJang stores in all duty-free zones in Korea. They’re a fantastic keepsake for those who are over 40.

Ilhwa (ilhwa) also sells tea made from ginseng, but it’s most well-known for its “McCol (maegkol)” that is soda made of barley. Talking about Korea, you must know the soju alcohol content , before you try that drink. I would drink it prior to the yaja (yaganjayulhagseub an optional study in the evening that wasn’t as completely voluntary) at dinner time in high school.

They manufacture top-quality 100% pure Ginseng extract that you can add to hot water to boost your overall health.

7. Best luxury brand that is all-round: Chaeon

If you’re looking to spend less, Chaeon is the brand for you. Imagine a beautiful floral (ggocca) that blooms inside your cup. They turn that dream into possible and more.

This brand is difficult to locate outside of Korea However, it is worth the wait. Chaeon provides Korean teas that only a few people outside of the country have ever tried.

I love their teas due to the fact that they’re not processed in any way. They provide whole dried ingredients with a lot of flavour and have health advantages. I will only purchase the brand I use for my top acquaintances.

Here are a few varieties they have available:

  • Peach blossom

  • Marigold flower

  • Burdock

  • Chrysanthemum

  • Cornflower

  • Swordbean

8. Honourable mention Ssanggye

Consider it to be the master of all trades for Korean tea companies. They offer a variety of teas and are available for purchase in other countries but they’re not awe-inspiring in anything.

The sampler set from their collection is a fantastic opportunity to taste new Korean teas from across the world. It’s an ideal present for those who you just like enough.

Ssanggye captures the energy in Jirisan (mountain) as well as then sells it to you.

Here are a few of their flavours:

  • Leaf tea made of Mulberry

  • Bellflower tea

  • Tea made of plum flower

  • Hibiscus tea

  • Puer tea

9. Best Kombucha tea brand: TEAZEN

Kombucha is trendy at the moment.

While it’s certainly not Korean in the sense of the word but the brand, TEAZEN was made famous when Jungkook of BTS presented “TEAZEN Kombucha” during VLive.

The brand has also continued its popularity with the Kim Tae-ri (gimtaeri) CF (commercial).

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